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Corporate Advisory & Capital Market


A lot goes into building a business. Often it needs the backing of capital and often it needs only expertise. We at MBSL Corporate Finance give you the best of both; from providing the financial assistance to the professional expertise you need to support the operations of your medium, small or large scale business venture.


Capital Market Services


Going public is a challenging and exhilarating experience for any business. It is almost like a new birth for the company, as it re-introduces itself to the public, putting itself in the spotlight in the business world. It illuminates a company’s entrepreneurial skills, commitment and drive.

Taking a company to the limelight of the public eye is no easy task, especially with complex accounting rules, regulations, reporting requirements and pressure on time lines to consider. You would also need the know-how to tell your story of sound growth in just the right way to attract public interest and wealth.

Give us your story, and our Corporate Advisory and Capital Markets Division will provide the guidance you need to confidently face all challenges.Discover the many opportunities available to you when you select MBSL to assist you in your capital market advisory transactions:

  • Structuring & Managing Share Issues and Debt Issues
  • Financial Advisory for Share Issues
  • Balance Sheet Restructuring and reflecting the true value of the company
  • Listing through Introduction
  • Private Placements (Equity and Debt)
  • Managing Rights  & Split Issues
  •  Management of Mandatory and Voluntary Offers
  •  Independent Advisory Reports
  • Managing De-listing of Shares
  • Underwriting of Issues
  • Asset Securitization
Contact Person :- Dishan and Lalangi

Margin Trading (this is a sub product of Capital Markets)

Opening a margin trading account with MBSL is much more than just receiving additional funds to invest at very attractive interest rates. You also have the luxury of receiving an attentive, proficient service along with value added facilities which pave the way towards making the handsome profit you always wanted.


Corporate  Advisory


Seasoned with many years of industry practice, MBSL Corporate Advisory stands a cut-above-the-rest with an unparalleled record of credentials strengthened with trust and integrity. As a fully-fledged advisory partner MBSL Corporate Finance offers you professional advisory assistance in all your flagship business transactions.

  • Transaction Services
  • Buy Side Assistance
  • Sell Side Assistance
  • Corporate Valuations
  • Performance Improvements and Other Value Added Services
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
Contact Person :- Dishan and Lalangi
Transaction Services

We bring you situational expertise via a strong composite of accredited professionals and specialists experienced in an array of industry and technical dynamics, and committed to address all your Buying, Selling and Financing activities during all phases of a business transaction.


Buy Side Assistance

Pre Deal Evaluation

This is the preliminary appraisal of a potential target entity. This is an early enough stage to influence bidding strategy, transaction structure, valuation, and negotiation process. Poor evaluation prior to an approach is usually very costly, and early evaluation can help identify and manage any potential risks or pitfalls in the deal and thereby reduce abortive costs.

This process is typically carried out by obtaining and analyzing public domain information. Pre-deal evaluation is relevant to any client who is interested in acquiring or investing in another entity (Target) but either;  

  •   has not contacted the target,  or
  •   has not yet had access to the target, or
  •   is not yet ready to engage in full scale due diligence


Financial Due Diligence

The engagement team will perform an open book investigative analysis of the Target. The Target management team shall assist the engagement team in assessing the key issues facing the business and the primary assumptions of the deal drivers in realizing the value creation logic of the acquisition.


Sell Side Assistance

Successful investments are about four key things:

  1. Clear understanding of what you are selling, based on a detailed evaluation of the business
  2.   Thorough planning and preparation, from initiation through post closing
  3.   Clear articulation of the value
  4.   Effort commitment equivalent to an acquisition

MBSL will assist in the process of preparing a business for sale. During Vendor Assistance, the engagement team will engage in evaluating disposal options and will cover a broad range of activities from compiling information to advisory assistance across the disposal process.

This will help to reduce the erosion of value during the process while increases the probability of delivering a successful divestment with much comfort to the vendor to maintain control of the process with a value realization backed with logic.

Vender Due-Diligence

What is Vendor Due Diligence? Vendor Due Diligence (VDD), is due diligence initiated by a seller to assist with its proposed sale of a business by providing information on the business for the benefit of potential purchasers. 
The outcome will be an unbiased statement of facts about the company that shall benefit the potential buyers to have an independent assessment about the asset to be sold.


Corporate Valuations

Valuation is a subjective art with a fair share of complexity. The experts that we utilize do justice in quantifying your growth story with multiple valuation approaches driven through commercially sensible assumptions.
Our business valuation team performs valuations of business entities that may trigger for various reasons including Mergers, Acquisitions, Fairness Opinions, Private Placements, Internal Management Purposes and Disposals in full or partial in terms of an exit of a key shareholder.

The seasoned industry and technical specialists that we bring in, shall serve you in deriving the intrinsic value of your assets with a clear trade-off between growth potential and perceived risk.


Performance Improvements and Other Value Added Services

The wealth of industry exposure that we’ve acquired since inception has generated much value to our clients over the years. As a trusted advisory partner, we at MBSL assist our clients in improving their business with best practice recommendations, the implementation of which will assist you in achieving your business objectives.

We recognize that your requirements are unique and offer innovative, value-added services that will help transform your company into a commercially successful business.

  1. Preparation of Corporate / Business Plans
  2. Corporate / Finance Restructuring
  3. Feasibility Studies (Operational/ Financial)
  4. Employee Share Option Plans
  5. Critical factor analysis for performance
  6. Performance monitoring and review

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merging or Acquiring another business entity is an off-the-shelf growth strategy which requires perfect chemistry in terms of business strategy, management style and financial policies. Successful integration will hinge upon prior knowledge of the entities that boil down to operational and behavioural aspects.  

The multi-specialized professionals that we deliver at your service will assist you in structuring transactions, handling financial and legal due diligence, valuations, share swap ratios and executing the transaction, duly complying with the regulatory and legal formalities.

Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC is in alliance with SBI Capital Markets Limited, India, which is the exclusive Indian member of M&A INTERNATIONAL.
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