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Micro Finance

  • Financial facilities for small and medium scale enterprises

In a nation that’s rapidly building its way to victory, small is the new big. The small and medium scale enterprises of the country are at the nucleus of its development drive and MBSL takes pride in offering its expertise in cultivating growth to new and budding entrepreneurs.

In order to extend our services to a wider populace of the island, MBSL works in collaboration with Agro Development Finance Services Private Ltd (ADFSL). The affiliation allows us to take our small and medium scale financial facilities closer to the more rural areas of the island through ADFSL’s widespread branch network.


Siyath Saviya

Siyath Saviya is our micro finance scheme, designed with care to give the best possible financial assistance to the low-income earning and small-scale entrepreneur. The scheme is both efficient and simple, and aims at providing necessary assistance with the least hassle. Our foremost aspiration is to contribute to the upliftment of the living standards of the people residing and working in rural areas of the country.


Industries assisted with financial schemes through Siyath Saviya:

  • Vegetable Cultivation
  • Tea, Coconut Cultivation
  • Fruit Cultivation
  • Horticulture
  • Fisheries
  • Pottery Industry
  • Retail Businesses 


The Siyath Saviya scheme is facilitated in collaboration with the island-wide branch network of Agro Development Finance Services Private Ltd (ADFSL), with the aim of making MBSL’s micro-finance facility far-reaching and more accessible.


Benefits for Small & Medium Scale Enterprises:

  • Financial facilities obtainable from a minimum of LKR 5000/- to a maximum of LKR 200,000/-
  • Repayment period from 06 - 48 months
  • Grace period for the repayment of loan facilities according to the nature of project/business, at the discretion of the Bank.
Contact Persons :- Charith and Chandima
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