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MBSL provides both personal and corporate loan facilities to provide financial support for individuals and businesses.

Corporate loans

Features of MBSL PravardnanaLoans

  • Accessible through the island wide Bank of Ceylon branches (over 600)
  • Structured to suit your cash flows and business operations
  • Flexible repayment system
  • Advisory services to support business growth

A special credit facilities designed to support the growth and development of business ventures. Whatever your business, we are

ready to lend you a hand to lift your business to the next level. Credit support up to Rs 1,000,000

Contact us today on : Sanjaya 077-3219571

Personal loans

This scheme is mainly aimed to fulfill urgent personal financial requirements, which add value to employed citizens. Therefore the total

process is designed with minimum documentation to facilitate quick delivery.


  • 25 times amount of your net salary
  • Maximum loan amount of upto Rs. 2 million
  • Installment plans to suit your monthly income
  • Choice of selecting repayment period

Eligibility criteria:

  • Citizens who are aged over 21 years
  • Permanent employees with minimum of 1 year of service.
  • Any individual with a net income of Rs. 25,000 & above

For more information, please contact

Sanjeev : 0773240053

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